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Agency was founded in 2005. by Bojan Milic after successful international volleyball career.
Since then, the agency has been representing a number of top athletes. Currently, the agency represents over 200 clients from Serbia, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada etc.
Agency has been operating successfully for more than ten years (in Serbia and worldwide), having great reputation in volleyball sports management.

Agency offers the following services:

- Players marketing
- Players insurance
- Individual preparations
- Physical preparations
- Injury recuperation
- Preparation for colleges in the US
- Nutricionist
- Club preparations
- Tournaments
- Volley Trend camp
- Shop

The dynamic orientation to the future, planning, initiative, creativity, expansion of existing and development of new markets is the business policy of "Volley Trend" agency.
The agency "Volley Trend 'selection of appropriate people is the starting point in the process of setting standards for improving the quality of the services the agency provides.
"Volley Trend" is constantly trying to facilitate the entire process of cooperation with its customers and business partners.

A team of specialists, international experience, understanding of the market and trends, form a unique business model that has opened the door to many markets.
In sports industry, it is not enough to have a passion and desire for winning. It takes knowledge, experience and vision. We have them, and our customers appreciate that. The rest is a matter of trust.
Thanks to teamwork, Agency managed to provide their clients the best conditions for better utilization of resources which they own.

The satisfaction of our customers is based on our knowledge, experience and professionalism.

If you choose Volley Trend you'll get:

- Commitment to finding the best deals (the club) in the market,
- Availability 24/7,
- All necessary informations,
- Advice in choosing the right club (college places for preparing ... .The product / service),
- Engagement and assistance in solving any problems.