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Good reputation in sports bases on creating positive image of sports organization, especially the individuals who achieved top results and thereby are contributing to their own and sports organization's reputation. Often, their reputation and importance go beyond countries and continents.

This image is what establishes the crucial link between the buyer and the seller, between sports event as the product and the public as consumers.
The importance and popularity of the sports personality or sports organization enable the development of marketing and thereby creation of profits
which is essential to survival of professionals sports in today's ever competitive market. As for financial aspect, it should be noted that future sponsors easily make decisions on business cooperation with a player of well-known reputation who enjoys positive image with the public.

Biggest sports equipment companies pay huge amounts to sports players to wear their clothes and footwear. Multinational companies are ever more
interested in getting their products and services represented by celebrities (Celebrity endorsement).

Our agency believes that sports players have great chances to use their popularity and image for a bigger markets than sports only. The agency
enables each client to find his unique role and use all his qualities.

Accordingly, the agency searches for sponsors and represents the players in sponsorship and promotion contracts.